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Things To Live For

There are times in life when things are tough, when you’re stuck, fed up and feel alone with everything.  Maybe you need to make changes but you don’t know where to start. ‘Things to Live For’ is a project for people who are struggling, who need to find new inspiration, shake off negativity and break out of a rut.  

Each course includes 6 sessions held at the same time each week. Sessions are between 2-3 hours long. Each course covers one specific artform so, currently you can choose from the following. We do have new courses in the pipeline!

  • Visual Art
  • Writing for Wellbeing
  • Mindful Movement
  • Music Moves us

What to expect

Courses are planned with you in mind. Each session becomes a ‘Head Spa’, giving you a break from your troubles and a chance to process, make positive connections and reset. There’s no pressure, no judgments, and we will do everything possible to make sure you feel comfortable, relaxed and safe.

The course will help you build a toolkit of strategies for coping with difficult emotions, enabling you to create moments of calm and helping you to feel more grounded, more of the time.  You’ll try lots of new things depending on the artform you’ve chosen. You may find yourself ringing church bells, splashing paint, trying Tai Chi, or writing beautiful words with others.  All this will ignite your interest in new things and new people.

All we ask is that you come with an open mind. Everything else is provided.

New to this kinda thing

Things to Live For is a great way of getting involved with Creative Recovery. We make sure that groups are small so you can get to know others more quickly. It’s likely that people on TTLF course are new too, so you’re all in the same boat.

The activities you will participate in are all designed to be enjoyable and non-pressured.  There is no expectation that we create ‘great work’. Let yourself play and create without feeling it has to BE anything.

“I’m feeling more confident to talk about stuff and express myself more. Helped to manage stress levels and has helped me to sleep better”

This programme is funded by Public Health Barnsley.

To take part in this project please register for our Core Programme by emailing : or texting your name to 07916 282 064 and we will return your call to arrange an introductory 1-to-1.