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Friday Jam


A Friday night social for music makers and music lovers

Fridays, 5-7:30pm

Whether you play an instrument, want to learn or write a song, or simply want to meet others who share a passion for music, head along to the Friday JAM project.

Each week Dal, lead musician, will be joined by other local musicians – bringing different styles and influences – responding to the group’s interests and tastes. It will be an opportunity to learn new skills, connect over tunes and brews and explore how music can support your own wellbeing and recovery.

This project is FREE to attend. Please make contact before attending to make sure that there is a session running. We are planning a few nights out/gigs as part of the project – so venues may change.

This project supports mental health. Project registration forms are completed on arrival at your first session.

Text/call: 07916 282 064