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Big ideas: campaigns and commissions

We like to think BIG! 

We also like to collaborate with others to expand our reach and break the boundaries in our own work, and what is “possible”. Our collaborations happen in house between our core projects and also beyond our doors with artists, dancers, filmmakers, health professionals, and anyone who wants to get involved. 

Here are some of the ambitious projects we have realised:

Tour De Yorkshire, 2018

Creative Recovery was set our biggest challenge to date to create a large-scale urban land art masterpiece to celebrate Tour De Yorkshire and its start in Barnsley on Friday the May 4th, 2018. 

The land art was located on the top of Barnsley Market’s Multi-Markets Multi-storey car park. 

Scaling 59 metres by 47 metres, totalling at a whopping 2773 square metres, the team used 200 litres of paint, supplied by a local recycling scheme, to complete the job. 

This artwork was designed by ‘Recovery Through Art, Creative Recovery’s core visual arts project. 15 people were involved in the design process and over 30 supporters gathered to help with the painting effort. The Graffiti futurism and Bauhaus Poster style influenced design features 2 cyclists speeding through the Barnsley townscape. The background reflects the town’s transition and regeneration as the cyclists travel from the industrial landscape into the new. The prominent Town Hall is featured behind the second cyclist.

The Spaces Between 2017

A two day showcase of street art, performance and installation created by people in recovery. 

Building on the legacy of the ART Crawl in 2011, Creative Recovery created two days of street art, live performance and installation across Barnsley town centre, beginning and ending at The Civic. A raw portrayal of the human condition framed against the backdrop of a re-emerging town, explored how fragility, struggle and loss can be restored by real connection and understanding of how we inhabit ‘The Spaces Between’. A series of inspirational tales of growth and transformation, spun by people with common experiences of drug and alcohol and mental health recovery.

The Spaces Between Documentary

“ A mind-changing event. 5/5….I am proud to be associated with Creative Recovery. The two day art crawl transformed  Barnsley Town Centre. The people who took part must have been hugely affected by the opportunity to publicly display their work. My lasting thought is that there is a huge amount of talent in Barnsley that was untapped before Creative Recovery came along and opened the floodgates.”