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Rewilding the Mind (Walks)

Developed in partnership with Poet Winston Plowes, ‘Rewilding the Mind’ is an opportunity to wander like Wordsworth with no real plan. Walks often start with the throw of a stick to determine the direction we take. Our fundamental aim is to be open to nature – to see, hear and experience all that there is, and through the sharing of stories, wisdoms and poetic words to deepen our connection.  

A different location each time, these experiences reveal unique aspects of each site, tracing marks of industrial heritage and celebrating nature’s will to rewild.

Ad hoc walks – usually monthly, through warmer months. You don’t need to be super fit and you will not be expected to write poetry. These walks are OPEN TO ALL. Information is shared on Creative Recovery’s Facebook page (see ‘coming events’). To receive information directly, register for the Green UPLIFT Programme.