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Uplift Choir

Let’s get one thing straight – you don’t have to sound like Adele or Bublé to join this choir. It’s all about getting together, having a go and having fun! This is a great place to make friends and find easy ways to relax and make music. 

Led by Simon Grainger, the choir uses very simple techniques to create music – there are no rights or wrongs. The focus is on creating wellbeing and community; sharing songs, stories and a cuppa or two!

Maybe you’ve been too shy to sing in front of people before? Whatever you can do is welcome here! This is an opportunity to explore your voice in a safe and supportive environment. 

You will leave feeling lighter, uplifted and invigorated. 

“I enjoy singing so I decided to join and soon realised that it was a good move. The choice of the title, UPLIFT, was obviously chosen wisely. It has certainly worked for me”

Adults of all ages and abilities are welcome. Come along and give it a go! 

Sessions run 1.45-3.45pm on Thursdays* at St. Paul’s Church, just off Greenfoot Lane, Old Town Barnsley.